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Xtreme Super Soil Recipe

If you’re interested in growing hydroponically, there are many different ingredients you can use to make your own super soil recipe mix. But, we’ve found one that works perfectly and is inexpensive as well! This recipe makes 100 gallons, which would be enough to fill at least 10 large containers, so it should last you quite some time! It’s important to note that this recipe may take a little more prep time than some others on the market, but it’s definitely worth it in the end! All of the ingredients below are available at your local gardening store or home improvement center.Once you have your Super Soil then you need Seeds.

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Our Extreme Super Soil Recipe

3 x 112L cubic ft bales of high-quality organic potting soil for your super soil recipe

We use Pro-Mix Organic Vegetable & Herb Mix with added peat moss for our super soil. This provides a perfect blend of nutrients for a super soil recipe and holds plenty of water so we don’t have to water as often. The total cost of our mix comes out to around $0.35 per gallon!

Organic Bone Meal (3-15-0), 5 lbsOrganic Bat Guano (0-7-0), 5 lbs

Bone Meal organic fertilizer and well aged Bat Guano 0-7-0. Bone Meal is a well balanced fertilizer that supplies essential nutrients and micro-nutrients, while Bat Guano contains all of these elements as well as beneficial microbes. This recipe is designed to be a self sufficient fertilizer. It will deliver everything your plants will need at any stage of growth. The pH of your water/nutrient solution can determine how much phosphorus you add in order to obtain your desired level of NPK.

Organic Blood Meal (12-0-0), 5 lbsNatural Rock Phosphate (0-3-0), 5 lbs

Blood Meal is a milder, organic phosphate and should be less likely to cause nitrogen burn or phosphorus deficiencies. It is also slightly faster acting than rock phosphate, which makes it great for pre-flowering applications. Soft rock phosphate is not suitable for hydroponics and has been overused in commercial growing. You can substitute soft rock phosphate with colloidal or natural stone phosphates if you wish.

Epsom Salt, 1 Cup Garden Lime, 5 lbs

The secret to growing big and healthy plants indoors is having a solid soil mix. These chemicals (Epsom Salt and Garden Lime) help regulate pH. Proper pH levels are important because they determine what nutrients your plant will be able to absorb. If your super soil has too much of one nutrient, it can inhibit absorption of other nutrients. Watering with too much nitrogen can also cause your super soil’s pH level to get out of whack.

Organic Azomite, 6 lbsHumic Acid Powder 300 gram

Azomite is a natural and mined mineral that increases plant growth and immunity. Humic Acid Powder increases plant growth and helps balance soil. The Azomite and Humic Acid Powder both work together to increase yield, quality, and promote healthy plants. These products are available at your local hydroponics store or can be ordered online. They are used in most commercial scale production of hydroponic produce. To read more about Humic Acid Powder click here .

Coco Husk Chips, 10 LitersCoarse Perlite 10 Liters (large bag)

Coco Husk Chips create pockets and add medium loose, drainage, and aeration. Perlite expands to 13 times its former size when water is added. This combination of Coco Husk Chips and Perlite create an ideal root zone for plant growth. Together they create a fluffy, airy medium with optimal airflow to promote healthy root growth.

Worm Castings, 30lbEM-1 Microbial Inoculant, Concentrate

Worm Castings and EM-1 Microbial Inoculant are both made with earthworm castings. They are used in many hydroponic gardens, like our hydroponic super soil recipe, and will help provide your plants with all of their nutrients while they root. The inoculant is a combination of natural yeasts, which help fight off disease and improve growth.

Instructions for super soil recipe :

Mix the super soil well ( We use a cement mixer as we are lazy)

Once mixed well add your water and EM-1 Mix (Mixed as per instructions on bottle) to moisten. Do not soak to near field capacity as that is too much

Cover and let soil cook for 6-10 weeks before use.

Get ready for the easiest grow of your life. Water only until harvest. 

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One love and happy Growing. 

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